Strategic Causality

Delving beneath the surface In my reflective practice work with mentees from a wide variety of organisations, a good deal of our time is spent exploring ‘beneath the surface’ of events and circumstances. Our aim is to better understand the underlying drivers and factors at work, to inform the shaping of considered responses, and avoid… Continue reading Strategic Causality

The science of ‘worth’ – your Theory of Value

Non-profit directors and managers don’t need to be philosophers to consider issues of value in their work, but it may help them to recognise the many different forms of value they have a responsibility to promote and nurture. Every decision and action is, of course, an expression of value. What we consider important, or of… Continue reading The science of ‘worth’ – your Theory of Value

Creating Value using an integrated (multi-capital) approach

Value creation is a key function of every board and adding value is central to the roles of both directors and senior managers, but what do we mean when we refer to value in this way? The Capitals Coalition is a global collaboration that seeks to redefine value in order to transform decision-making. They recognise… Continue reading Creating Value using an integrated (multi-capital) approach

Measuring your social value (impact)

Traditional notions of value in the context of organisational governance have tended to focus on economic definitions and metrics. Value for money, profitability, cash flow, price/performance, and ‘value adding’ through risk reduction, automation, demand aggregation, logistic efficiency, etc. are just some of the forms of economic value used by managers and directors to assess the… Continue reading Measuring your social value (impact)

Measuring NFP Measures

Arguably, next to your non-profit board’s responsibility for setting directions for your organisation, the monitoring and evaluation of performance and conformance are the two next most significant board roles and activities. Central to these monitoring and evaluation activities is the use of metrics and indicators (see Locus Focus Vs Hocus Pocus for distinctions between these… Continue reading Measuring NFP Measures