The 7th and 8th thinking hats

The ‘six thinking hats’ promoted by Dr Edward deBono will be familiar to most people, along with the concept that governing boards should make use of these to explore the full range of perspectives when making significant strategic or policy decisions. This post suggests that some other thinking hats may warrant consideration, but first let’s… Continue reading The 7th and 8th thinking hats

Governance for Grown-ups

As long as a story involves magical beings, hidden treasures and/or an heroic journey, children are rapt and fully engaged. As soon as a storyteller shifts the focus to moral instruction, their eyes glaze over and they seek other engagements. The rewards of work and responsibility are not generally appreciated, and the benefits of building… Continue reading Governance for Grown-ups

Evidence for Good

The UK-based Alliance for Useful Evidence has recently published two new resources that will be of interest to all not-for-profit organisations, but especially to those involved in public policy advocacy. The first relates to their goal that “Decision-makers in government and civil society routinely make appropriate use of high quality evidence to inform strategy, policy and practice“. … Continue reading Evidence for Good

Privacy, and IT governance

An article by WA lawyer Marcus Hodge last week highlighted the tension between the recently implemented mandatory data breach notification requirements, and the decision we will each need to make over the coming months regarding whether or not to opt out of Australia’s My Health Record system. The central storage of health record summaries for… Continue reading Privacy, and IT governance

AICD’s report card on national reform says “we must do better”

“… if our business sector faced the same red tape and regulatory burden as our charities and NFPs continue to endure, there would be uproar.” So said AICD Managing Director & CEO Angus Armour when releasing the AICD report card marking progress towards achieving national reforms recommended in the AICD’s 2017 Blueprint for National Reform.… Continue reading AICD’s report card on national reform says “we must do better”

Maintaining the social licence to operate: 2018 KPMG – AICD Trust Survey

Hard on the heels of the Edelman Trust Barometer report for 2018 (see my post of 21 February – Less trust in NGOs), the report on the 2018 KPMG and AICD Trust Survey Maintaining the social license to operate confirms that Australia, “like many other nations around the world, is facing a crisis of trust in institutions.” With over 30% of… Continue reading Maintaining the social licence to operate: 2018 KPMG – AICD Trust Survey

Misuse of public funds says Vic Ombudsman

The Victorian Ombudsman has tabled her report into the misuse of staff budget entitlements during the 2014 State election.  Key points in the wash up from this Inquiry are: 21 Labor MPs breached guidelines for use of Parliamentary funds The scheme saw Labor’s field organisers partially paid as Parliamentary staff Labor has paid back $388,000… Continue reading Misuse of public funds says Vic Ombudsman