Learning from others’ mistakes Part 4 – Red Cross and Plan International

Hard on the heels of the Oxfam admissions last week, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Plan International have also uncovered sexual misconduct by some of their staff. ICRC director-general Yves Daccord issued a statement on 23 February, advising that 21 staff members have resigned or been fired since 2015 after violating policy by paying for… Continue reading Learning from others’ mistakes Part 4 – Red Cross and Plan International

CDC word bans include “evidence-based”

You may have missed this story in the pre-Christmas rush, but the Washington Post (WaPo) published two stories in mid-December about the Trump administration telling divisions within the Department of Health and Human Services that they should avoid using certain words or phrases in official documents being drafted for next year’s budget. This story could… Continue reading CDC word bans include “evidence-based”

How transparent is your policy evidence?

Not-for-profit organisations want to ensure that their policy submissions to current and future governments are effective, and so they rightly look to align their arguments with election promises and policy platforms made public by the major parties, and to time their interactions appropriately within the policy cycle. Beyond those considerations, however, there is perhaps a… Continue reading How transparent is your policy evidence?

Modern Slavery – a governance issue for NFP organisations?

Here’s a suggested governance paper for your Board to consider.  Feel free to improve this draft so it meets your organisation’s requirements. The issue Should we address modern slavery and ethical supply chain matters in our governance and policy framework? Recommendation to the Board That the … committee/s be asked to advise on changes to… Continue reading Modern Slavery – a governance issue for NFP organisations?

Budget submission or election advocacy?

With Victorian State Government elections scheduled for November 2018, any budget submissions from Victorian not-for-profit organisations for 2018/19 need to be framed around the election platforms of the parties. Those familiar with the Victoria policy, electoral and budget cycles will know that their budget submissions for 2018-19 are effectively election platform submissions. Initial Forward Estimates… Continue reading Budget submission or election advocacy?

Should we make a submission?

Not-for-profit organisations often have opportunities to make submissions in response to inquiries and reviews, and many spend considerable effort in preparing and lodging responses to these. The question of whether to make a submission may best be addressed by reference to a few principles, framed as simple questions. We can learn from the Tasmanian Government… Continue reading Should we make a submission?