The 7th and 8th thinking hats

The ‘six thinking hats’ promoted by Dr Edward deBono will be familiar to most people, along with the concept that governing boards should make use of these to explore the full range of perspectives when making significant strategic or policy decisions. This post suggests that some other thinking hats may warrant consideration, but first let’s… Continue reading The 7th and 8th thinking hats

Governance for Grown-ups

As long as a story involves magical beings, hidden treasures and/or an heroic journey, children are rapt and fully engaged. As soon as a storyteller shifts the focus to moral instruction, their eyes glaze over and they seek other engagements. The rewards of work and responsibility are not generally appreciated, and the benefits of building… Continue reading Governance for Grown-ups

Learning from others’ mistakes Part 8 – RSL Victoria

ABC News reported yesterday that RSL Victoria has joined its counterparts in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and RSL National (see earlier posts in this series), with the ACNC finding that it failed to meet a number of key governance standards. The standards concerned in this instance were: ensuring a charity has operated on a not-for-profit basis… Continue reading Learning from others’ mistakes Part 8 – RSL Victoria

Privacy, and IT governance

An article by WA lawyer Marcus Hodge last week highlighted the tension between the recently implemented mandatory data breach notification requirements, and the decision we will each need to make over the coming months regarding whether or not to opt out of Australia’s My Health Record system. The central storage of health record summaries for… Continue reading Privacy, and IT governance

Learning from others’ mistakes Part 7 – RSL charities’ enforceable ACNC undertakings

This post updates the status of ACNC compliance action against RSL NSW and RSL LIfecare, previously highlighted in Part 3 of this series on Learning from Others’ Mistakes. An ACNC Media Release issued on 15 May, advises as follows: “The enforceable undertaking between the ACNC and RSL NSW is in response to serious issues the ACNC… Continue reading Learning from others’ mistakes Part 7 – RSL charities’ enforceable ACNC undertakings

Mentoring breakfast seminar

Would you like to gain deeper insights into your own development path and establish a foundation for engaging mentor support in reaching your leadership goals? Join me and Johnson Recruitment, as we explore: Knowing yourself – setting clear and appropriate development goals Understanding the relationship between mentoring, training, coaching and counselling Being the change you… Continue reading Mentoring breakfast seminar

Governance of Culture

The AICD consultation paper on their Review of the ‘Good governance principles and guidance for not-for-profit organisations’ was released this week with an invitation to comment by 18 June.  This paper offers a helpful summary of contextual changes since 2013, when the original principles were released, which justify revision at this time. It then outlines… Continue reading Governance of Culture