AICD’s report card on national reform says “we must do better”

“… if our business sector faced the same red tape and regulatory burden as our charities and NFPs continue to endure, there would be uproar.”

So said AICD Managing Director & CEO Angus Armour when releasing the AICD report card marking progress towards achieving national reforms recommended in the AICD’s 2017 Blueprint for National Reform.

Key extracts from the report card relating to Partnership with not-for-profits, which earned a ‘C’ rating, include:

Blueprint Objective
This vital contributor to society and the economy is hampered by an uncertain funding landscape and complex and duplicative regulations.
Progress summary
Slow, but positive, progress on regulatory consistency, but funding cycles and duplication remain key challenges.
Recommendations from 2017 Blueprint for Growth
• Set best-practice target of five-year funding cycles with 12 months’ notice, and allow for internal investment in capacity.
• A ‘fit for purpose’ regulatory environment with nationally consistent definitions and reporting systems and less duplication (e.g. fundraising reform).

AICD chart re fit _for_purpose regs

The report card also covers the following areas:

  • Reforming national governance (rated C-)
  • Fiscal sustainability (rated C)
  • Innovation and entrepreneurialism (rated B+)
  • Human capital (rated C)
  • National infrastructure (rated C+)

Board briefings

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