Circles of Control: personal, group and organisational

Since my previous post, I have been discussing with some of my clients the ways in which the ‘circle of control’ concept can be applied at the personal, business unit and organisational levels. This short post arises from those reflections, and can therefore be considered a postscript to the previous one.

While the visual metaphor of nested matryoshka dolls came to mind, I nonetheless settled on the schematic in the above header image as the simplest way to suggest that they consider applying Dr Covey’s injunction to “Be Proactive” (Habit 1 in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) beyond the personal, to include first their business unit, and then their entire organisation.

CEOs may feel there is little difference in their analysis of how they can increase their controls at each of these levels, however, the separation of these charts encourages them to think about how responsibility and accountability for various controls are assigned and implemented.

The ways the organisation and its constituent business units think about what is ‘beyond their control’ (or influence) are also important in supporting the resilience of your team, and therefore addressing wider occupational health and safety ‘concerns’.

The schematic has been helpful for a number of my clients, and so I trust it might now resonate with a wider readership through this post.

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