Selected strategic intelligence sources

In a recent post, I promised to look at some possible free or low-cost sources of intelligence gathering (external monitoring) that your non-profit board and/or management team can use to inform your strategic direction. This post delivers on that promise, using sources clustered under each category in the STEEPLE model.

Your organisation will doubtless have its own specialised sources of reliable information about developments within your field, and the following list does not seek to replace them. Some of the suggested data sources below are able to be used across almost all fields. These are likely to offer valuable additional insights if you are not already using them.

The links below are suggested for use by Australian non-profit organisations. Readers in other jurisdictions may therefore find some that are less relevant to their needs (although there may be some clues as to the kinds of sources that would be equivalent). Some sources offer material relevant to more than one dimension of the STEEPLE analysis, and so are mentioned more than once.

Sources in bold type are highly recommended. (Any selection of sources will be subject to bias. This list is no exception, and the author accepts responsibility for any perceived political bias in the following list entries).

Australian Policy Observatory
Nonprofit Quarterly
Science Daily
Science Direct
Crypto-Gram Newsletter (Cyber security)
Tech Republic
PLOS (Public Library of Science)
Science Daily
The Australia Institute Centre for Responsible Technology
The Conversation
RBA Key Economics Indicators Snapshot
Focus Economics
Mainstream media business and economics newsVarious
Making Enviro News
The Conversation
Science Daily
Climate Council
Science Direct
Parliament of Australia
Parliament of Victoria
Government News
Australian Government Public Data
Other local ParliamentsVarious
Mills Oakley
The Ethics Centre
Transparency International Australia
Regulatory compliance reports

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